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UNIVERSITY OF SILVANER INC. S.A.C assists students with capitalizing on academic culture. It helps foster the development of student’s competencies, life skills and habits of academic excellence. Academic support services helps students in so many ways. It helps students acquire excellence through transition, excellence through self-knowledge, excellence through resources, among others.

UNIVERSITY OF SILVANER INC. S.A.C strives hard to provide each student with the necessary tools they need for them to succeed and fulfill their dreams in the future. We cater to our students the following services:

Scholarship Program

UNIVERSITY OF SILVANER INC. S.A.C has established a student and alumni center, where members are encouraged to connect with each other, faculty members, staff of UNIVERSITY OF SILVANER INC. S.A.C and others in the community. It is an online portal where members can organize and manage their course materials, manage their scholarships, and more. Students and alumni are free to talk with their instructors, the administrative staff, student counselors, and much more.

Student & Alumni Center

UNIVERSITY OF SILVANER INC. S.A.C truly value education. We help students who have financial constraints enable them pursue their education and achieve their goals by offering them scholarship program.

Free Consultancy

UNIVERSITY OF SILVANER INC. S.A.C makes free online consultations available 24/7 to its students. You can access online anytime you want. Easy and Fast.


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