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Degree Programs Offered At University of Silvaner Inc. S.A.C

University of Silvaner Inc. S.A.C

offers two (2) graduate degree programs doctorates in DBA and PhD. It also caters several master programs including the Masters in Business Administration (MBA), Masters in Information Systems Management (MS-ISM), Masters in Virtual Reality (MS-VR) and several university certified Certificate training programs: Applied Ethics Certificate, 3D Animation Certificate and Entrepreneurship Certificate and more. Other degree courses may be added anytime upon the approval of the accrediting agency. 

Credit Transfer

UNIVERSITY OF SILVANER INC. S.A.C will accept as transfer credit in accordance with the requirements of UNIVERSITY OF SILVANER INC. S.A.C listed in the programs approved for credit recognition that are required to obtain the University of Silvaner Inc. S.A.C. curr, approved BSBA Bachelor Degree. Up to 90 credit units from an approved accredited university from a regional or national accrediting agency approved by the US Department of Education or an approved (accredited) university recognized by their nation’s Ministry of Education or that nation’s authorized university accredited bodies listed by the United Nations as approved by UNESCO or by an accredited international accrediting agency listed with CHEA International as an accredited body may be completed by those students who are entering the TOP UP Business Degree program.

UNIVERSITY OF SILVANER INC. S.A.C requirement for undergraduate course is to complete at least a minimum of 30 credit units with a satisfactory 2.0 average on a 4.0 scale to be eligible to graduate and a minimum of C or better for all transfer credits. At UNIVERSITY OF SILVANER INC. S.A.C, the last 30 units of the program may be partially taught in the classroom online through its online student and program management system. In order for the graduate student transfers wanting to enter the graduate degree course of their choice to be qualified for graduation from University of Silvaner Inc. S.A.C graduate program, they must finish at least 1/3rd or more of their graduate studies at UNIVERSITY OF SILVANER INC. S.A.C, possess a transfer credit overall grade point average of 3.0 on a 4.0 scale while maintaining a 3.0 grade point average at UNIVERSITY OF SILVANER INC. S.A.C
University of Silvaner Inc. S.A.C cost, curriculum, and the number of credit unit requirements for specific degrees are explained in the description of the degree courses offered.

HIU USA Cost,  curriculum, and number of course hours

UNIVERSITY OF SILVANER INC. S.A.C degrees and Certificate has a required cost, curriculum, and number of course units for all the programs and minimal grading requirements for masters and doctoral programs. It is described in the description of each individual program. Midterm and final exams, participation, quiz scores and attendance are the minimum accepted criteria for completion. 60% of student’s semester grade will come from his/her Midterm and Final exams. 40% maximum to a student’s final grade in accordance with UNIVERSITY OF SILVANER INC. S.A.C grading policy will come from attendance, quizzes, and participation (includes written assignments). Grades are based on the following: A = 90-100; B = 80-89; C =70-79; D = 60-69; F = 0-59; W = Withdraw; I = Incomplete.

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