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PhD – Doctor of Philosophy

PhD – Doctor of Philosophy


Delivery: Online and In Class

Total Cost: For graduation completion – $19600

Term: New Classes formed each term. Length of class and duration are indicated in the course descriptions. Program is continuous. One week break between semesters. Minimum Credit Units to Graduate: – 75 Credit units beyond the Master’s Student Access and Grading: Upon completion by the student, Doctoral Board evaluates for accomplished student work must be presented within 21 days.

Colloquium 06
Internship 10
Doctoral student designed courses (7) 21
Seminars – 5 10
Peer Days -10 10
Research Methodology 03
Literature Review 06
Dissertation and Defense 12

Transfer Credit:

Up to 20 units of acceptable doctoral credit completed previously may transfer by the student and within 10 years of application but only after the student has finished the UNIVERSITY OF SILVANER INC. S.A.C Conference and successful advance to UNIVERSITY OF SILVANER INC. S.A.C doctoral candidate status. All credits must come from accredited universities and support the student’s current doctoral pursuits.

Length of study – Minimum:  2 years and six months

Length of study – Maximum: 10 years


The students who completed their work in their PhD doctoral coursework and the review of seminar critiques and learning outcomes as well as 10 peer days and approved internship will be assessed and determined acceptable by the Committee Chair and the Committee. The student will meet at least three times with the entire committee to guarantee satisfactory development. The first meeting will approve the basic minimal guiding principles for doctoral student assessment and also approve the course of study set out to the committee by the student Candidate. Professionals selected for the committee by the student must be from the field of study that will advise the student’s research and developing skill. Lessons, papers, quiz, and exam results, leading up to committee review are given prior to the committee meeting to review and approve or disapprove the doctoral students progress including review of external quiz, lesson, and test results leading to final review of the doctoral defense and acceptance of the dissertation or project showing merit and distinction. The committee’s conclusion to accept applicants work and research is final.

The student must enter a successful defense of their dissertation at the end of coursework and completion of all evaluations of it. The Doctor of Philosophy Program at UNIVERSITY OF SILVANER INC. S.A.C is a research based degree that necessitate students a devotion to learning and scholarship, significant research that customarily is enclosed within the pages of a research dissertation defended by the student and before the doctoral committee. The school will place in the Doctoral library all Thesis that are bound and published.

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