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Master of Business Administration

UNIVERSITY OF SILVANER INC. S.A.C Master of Business Administration is a non-traditional e-learning setting over course periods that run for 8 consecutive weeks including mid-term exam and finals. Prospective students may enroll at any convenient time but must register by the first of each month that precedes the start of a new bi-mester. HUNIVERSITY OF SILVANER INC. S.A.C requires all students enrolled in the MBA program to take a one-hour no credit course in how to work and study. The purpose is that the students guarantee that they understand the online learning process and that UNIVERSITY OF SILVANER INC. S.A.C is prepared for the online teaching. MBA program is offered each month as a non-credit course.

Total Cost: For graduation completion – $11200



UNIVERSITY OF SILVANER INC. S.A.C expects their students after they finish their academic course to be:

  • Be able to know advanced leadership management of Organizations in the areas of Finance, Controlling, Human Resources and Staffing, Marketing, Communications, Technology Management and Organization Leadership.
  • To know the organization management principles.
  • Have the Knowledge management principles.
  • Be able to know Human-Resource management and effectiveness.
  • Know how to manage organization intelligence and decision-making processes,   organizational communication, team building, collaboration, and marketing,
  • Be able to Familiarize with the design principles for an organization’s Internet Technology and Social networking infrastructure and management.
  • Be able to understand the implications of an organization’s changing attitude and character both within and externally among competitors and partner organizations.

The MBA program strives to train and develop the skills of our future professionals in the field of business industry. It helps strengthen the ground in the area of entrepreneurship and helps you get an insight into the skills and acumen necessary for competent handling of business. It gives productive environment for stakeholders as well as the members of the community.

  • Mold professionals to be mature leaders
  • Be familiar with and capable of understanding the robust creation a healthy work environment.
  • To develop their communication and interpersonal skills.
  • To prepare the students to be a competitive leader in the future.
  • To maintain and continue to participate in a professional code of ethics.
  • Be able to solve and enhance their analytical thinking and decision making skills.
  • Improve on an understanding of the technical skills to run a successful organization


UNIVERSITY OF SILVANER INC. S.A.C educators has five days from the conclusion of the course they teach to complete and turn in graduate student grades. Full time Students are limited to taking a minimum of two courses per bi-mester in the online program and three in the traditional ground program on campus. All grad students may petition the university to exceed these maximums by demonstrating a high degree of academic performance in previous graduate study either in the ground based program or the online program.

Full time student of MBA program load of two courses per semester successfully completed will take a little over a year to complete. If the student is granted waiver to add an additional course during the semester period beyond the first four courses, it will take less than a year. It will take approximately 1.5 to 2 plus years to complete their program for part time students taking one course per semester. Students enrolled in Master’s degree have up to five (5) years to complete their program degree requirements.

Program Restrictions:

It is a non-regular program intended solely for the adult students. Applicants under 25 will not be admitted to the program; no exemptions. To be qualified for admission to the program, students whose native language is not English must show at least a minimum TOEFL 6 proficiency in the English Language.

Duration of Program:

Minimum duration of Graduate Program – 12 Months. Duration of Each Bi-Mester: 8 weeks

S.No . Course Evaluations Percentage of Total Grade
01 Mid-Term Exam grade                 20%
02 Assignments, papers, participation                 20%
03 End of Term Exam grade (FINAL)                 40%
04 Final Project Demonstrating Excellence or Thesis                 20%
+ Mid-term exam will conduct at mid-point of each semester
+ Final exams will be administered at end of each semester.
+ Faculty is final authority on all due dates and assignment of projects to individual student.
+ Students must maintain a B Average (3 point average on a 4 point scale to graduate).
S.No. Courses Credit Units
01 IMSM 500, Navigation and Understanding Online LMS/CMS 03
02 ACCT 505. Financial Accounting 03
03 COMM 510. International Commerce for Control / Decision Making 03
04 BUAD 505. Management in a Changing World 03
05 BUAD 520. Financial Management 03
06 BUAD 530. Organizational Behavior 03
07* BUAD 540. Marketing Management 03
08* BUAD 555. Leadership and Change 03
09 BUAD 560. Seminar in Entrepreneurship 03
10 BUAD 570. Strategic Decision Making 03
11 BAUD 590; End of Term Thesis 04

For Management/Leadership Emphasis Course Options
12 BEXM 505. Legal Framework of Decisions 03
13 BEXM 510. Organizational Development and Change 03
14 BURM 511 Research Methodology 03
15 BEXM 525 Corporate internal Entrepreneurship 03
16 BEXM 530 Management of Critical Resources 03
17 BEXM 585 Contemporary Issues in Management 03
Bacherlor's Degree program
Other Graduate Courses
Upon the approval of the Academic Dean,

UNIVERSITY OF SILVANER INC. S.A.C graduate students may add other courses not listed in the catalog from other schools relevant to the MBA but not a part of the

UNIVERSITY OF SILVANER INC. S.A.C MBA program and have the courses appear on their HIU USA school record or transcript as transfer credits.     The courses must be from a recognized accredited college/university or an Approved BPPE California recognized school. The cumulative total of the courses may not exceed 15 credit units.


UNIVERSITY OF SILVANER INC. S.A.C BUAD 530 Organizational Behavior is listed as a Core course, BUAD 535 Organization Theory may be replaced for it. Further, BFIN 510 Financial Analysis may be substituted for ACCT 505.


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